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Employment of Tier 4 (General) Students at Newcastle University important changes

Immediate changes to the way in which Tier 4 students are engaged and paid for work on campus are being implemented.  The forthcoming changes are required to ensure that we continue to comply with the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) regulations limiting the working hours of Tier 4 (General) students and to safeguard against accidental breaches of their visa conditions. 

Please be reminded that both paid and unpaid work (including work experience) are in scope for UKVI.

After the 5th December payroll deadline, Tier 4 students will no longer be able to be paid by fees forms and instead can only work via one of the following three ways:


  • Regular employment on a contract of employment (processed by HR) 
  • Work through JobsOC via a Casual Workers Arrangement (processed by JobsOC)
  • Work as Teaching & Demonstrating staff via a Casual Workers Arrangement (processed by Payroll)

Please ensure that any outstanding work by Tier 4 (General) students to be paid via fees form is submitted to the Payroll Office by the payroll deadline of 5th December.


All fees forms are being replaced with updated forms.  No old style fees forms will be accepted after 6th December for any type of payment – student or otherwise – and paper copies should be destroyed. Payroll will return old forms without processing them after the 6th December.

Guidance on the new process is available on the HR website, from your HR team or by email at

published on: 13th November 2017

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