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Ageing innovation platform launches

The National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA) has launched a new innovation platform - a digital space for businesses and organisations to share real challenges, ideas, research and opportunities around the theme of ageing, with a community of academic solvers.

The platform is open to all academic colleagues at Newcastle University who have an interest or expertise in ageing.  Joining the digital platform will be an opportunity for your research to be incorporated into emerging models of business strategy, new products and services, as well as a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile of ageing research overall at the University.

In addition, there is an opportunity to win a prize of up to £5,000 per challenge, as well as an opportunity to explore ongoing collaborations and further work with challenge sponsors.

After an initial internal trial period, the platform’s solver community will expand outside of Newcastle University to include academics nationally and internationally, industry and the public. 

To join the platform please visit the site and refer to the FAQs Section. Alternatively speak to one of the NICA team at

Find out more about NICA - visit our webpages or follow us @InnovAgeUK

published on: 13th July 2017

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