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We are inviting healthy adults aged 18-25 years to take part in a study!

We ask that participants have:

  • Not taken part in a previous memory study by Alex Houston.
  • Do not wear contact lens (glasses are fine as long as not thick glass).

The aim of the project is to understand how memory develops during in infancy. However, in this study, we are asking healthy adults to participate in the tasks that we have designed to test infant’s memory and their understanding of their spatial environments. This is to ensure that all of our tests are working correctly and that we are measuring what we hope we are measuring.

You will take part in different memory tasks; some will involve the researcher asking you to answer questions. However, for some tasks that are specifically designed for infants you will be given no specific instructions on what to do. You will simply be asked to attend to a computer screen. During the tasks we will be presenting images on a computer screen and monitoring your eye movements remotely using eye-tracking software.

The study will take place within the Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University. From start to finish, you should be here for approximately 1 hour. You will be given breaks in between tasks.


You will be awarded £8 per hour for your time.


Interested? Please contact Alexandra Houston:

published on: 6th January 2017

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