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photograph New staff intranet launching 21st March

On 21st March, NUConnect, the new staff intranet, will be launched across the University, replacing the current staff homepage and bringing with it a much-improved way of accessing news and information. 

For the majority of staff, the changeover will be automatic when you log on to your PC in the morning, and you will see the NUConnect homepage, as below:

The majority of information from the old staff internal webpages has been brought into NUConnect, but the improved search functionality means that you will be able to find the information (or people) you need more easily. 

Please do take some time to read the FAQs about NUConnect, as this will help to prepare you for the switchover (additional FAQs will be available after launch). When the new site launches, there will also be an introductory video to guide you through some of the main areas and functions of the site. 

As mentioned in an earlier NU Connections article, it is also worth making a note of any staff homepage bookmarks you currently use, as these will be lost once NUConnect goes live.

Key points about the launch of NUConnect

• The switchover will take place on Wednesday 21st March, and the current staff homepage will no longer be accessible

• Many of the old internal sites have been moved into NUConnect in their entirety, and so the old versions will shortly be shut down

• The old sites that have not (or have yet to be) been moved into NUConnect will remain in their current location in the short term, and you can access those as normal

• All of the current links and shortcuts at the bottom of the staff homepage have been incorporated into NUConnect, mostly via Top Tasks, a drop-down menu available from any page in the site

• As with our current staff homepage, the NUConnect homepage will also have an announcements section and an events calendar

• Current and past editions of NU Connections and VC Connect will be accessible through the NUConnect homepage

If you have any queries in advance about the launch of NUConnect, please contact 


published on: 1st March 2018


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