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photograph Party Conferences 2014

We are once again running a full programme of fringe events across each of the main political party conferences this autumn.

These are a great opportunity for politicians and other conference attendees to see how our work is tackling the big societal challenges and policy issues of the day and to engage in discussion with some of our leading academics.

Our fringe meeting at the Labour Party Conference (22 September) will consider Reforming Britain's broken energy market: how to ensure affordable and sustainable power. Professor Phil Taylor will be joined by Baroness Worthington, shadow spokesperson on energy and climate change, and Trevor Hutchings, Director of Advocacy at WWF-UK.

At the Conservative Party Conference finge meeting (28 September), the topic will be Reimagining the rural: are rural areas feeling the benefits of economic growth? This event will also see the launch of a manifesto entitled 'What's missing in UK rural policy', based on research carried out by Guy Garrod and colleagues from our award-winning Centre for Rural Economy.

Live better for longer: covering the costs of an ageing society is the topic under discussion at the Liberal Democrat Party Conference fringe meeting (5 October). More of the UK population is living longer than ever before, with one in four people expected to be over 65 by 2033. Debating how we tackle the challenges of covering the costs of an ageing society will be Dr Lynne Corner, Director of Engagement at our Institute for Ageing, Dr Matt Flynn, Director of the Centre for Research into the Older Workforce at the Business School and Andrew Tully, Pensions Technical Director at MGM Advantage.

Professor Davies, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Engagement and Internationalisation (pictured) concludes: "As a world-class civic university, it is increasingly important for us to be active in the political arena, so that politicians regard Newcastle University's academic community as an independent and high quality source of up-to-date research and information on which to draw as part of the policy-making process."

Read full information in the Party Conferences 2014 section of the Events Diary.


published on: 15th September 2014


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