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photograph Welcome to the Equality and Diversity edition of NU Connections

Our Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Chris Day welcomes us to this special edition of NU Connections and highlights what makes our University a great place to work and study. 

 I firmly believe that the greatest asset of any university is its people - staff, students, alumni and friends.

Accordingly, giving each of these individuals the same rights and protections and access to the same opportunities regardless of their individual characteristics and differences is perhaps the most important core value of a modern University.  

Equality is the means by which we benefit from our diversity, turning it into a driver of innovation and learning and creating an environment where every individual can flourish and realise their potential. There are numerous reasons why equality and diversity are important, and some of these are highlighted in the Case for Diversity in this issue, from social justice and attracting the best and most talented staff and students through to realising our vision of being a world-class civic university.

We have made considerable progress in recent years in addressing the equality and diversity agenda and are rightly proud of our Athena SWAN Silver Award for our good practice on gender equality. However, there remains much work still to be done and I am not complacent.

This issue of NU Connections outlines the steps we are taking to establish a culture where considerations of inclusivity are “mainstreamed” – that is they are automatic because they are embedded in all of our processes, actions and decision making.  

This agenda is one I am committed to and I look forward to working with our Dean of Diversity, the Directors of Diversity and the various groups and networks throughout the University to realise this ambition. 


published on: 23rd January 2017


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