26 / 02 / 20

Participate in research into human communication (for cash!)

Speech and language scientists are setting up a paid research pool allowing members of the University – students and staff – to participate in investigations of our human capacity for communication. 

As a participant, you will receive a fee for every study you complete – £10 for studies of up to an hour, £5 for half an hour – and you can choose the research studies that interest you most. There's no obligation, even after signing up for the participant pool, but we will keep members regularly informed about upcoming studies and our ongoing research findings.

Much of our work in Speech and Language Sciences has a strong clinical focus. By getting involved, you can help improve our understanding of what happens when infants and adults have problems with communication, towards the goal of enhanced support for conditions like aphasia, autism and developmental language disorder.

Ongoing research investigates how we vary as individuals in our ability to process language, from the vowels and consonants of spoken words to the order of words in sentences. People with conditions such as autism can show differences in language processing, and comparable variation may also be seen between other adults, for example, in how our musical skills predict our power to understand emotion from speech rhythm and melody.

Poor sleep has been implicated in language and learning disorders, and another ongoing programme aims to understand how we can optimise sleep, learning and memory to address language difficulties across the lifespan. And with many children in the UK growing up bilingual, there is a strong research strand investigating how two languages are mentally represented and accessed in interactions with other bilinguals and with monolinguals.

To register your interest in being a participant in our research studies, please send an email to slsres.admin@newcastle.ac.uk. We will contact you with further details.

published on: 4th June 2019