26 / 02 / 20

Saying Goodbye to Rev. Hugh Gould, Buddhist Chaplain

It is with sadness that we will be bidding farewell to our colleague and Newcastle University Buddhist Chaplain, Reverend Hugh Gould. His last day at the university will be 17th June. 

Rev. Hugh joined the Chaplaincy team in 2017, taking the time from his role at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey to visit the campus twice per month. 

During his time with us, Rev. Hugh has provided well-regarded meditation and mindfulness sessions, has contributed greatly to Chaplaincy meetings and has volunteered his time, along with the other Chaplains, at the twice-yearly library drop-ins during exam times. 

We asked Rev. Hugh to put some words together which you can read below: ​

My time at Newcastle University has been a real pleasure. Although I am looking forward to the next step in my monastic life I am very sorry to be leaving. I have been deeply impressed with the caring and comprehensiveness of the services offered by the Student Wellbeing department and have very much enjoyed contributing to those efforts as part of the Chaplaincy Team. The most enjoyable aspect of my role has been meeting with the very diverse student body and staff members. I had the pleasure of meeting people from all over the world and have been deeply enriched by these encounters. It was interesting to note that the majority of people who attended my meditation sessions were women and also international students or staff. Had I continued on in my role it seems like it would have been good to look for ways in which more men and UK students and staff could be exposed to the benefits of a meditation practice.

The time that I served was an exciting one in general for the Chaplaincy Team as we looked at professionalizing what we offered and finding additional ways to make ourselves as fully available as possible for those who wished to use our services. In our discussions about faith spaces on campus the hope arose in me that at some point the university might be able to provide a small dedicated meditation space on campus that students and staff could use for regular meditation periods, teachings and ceremonies. Such a facility would be of incredible benefit to the participants and would have far reaching positive effects on the university as a whole. 

I hope I have been of some help to those I have met. For my part I have learned and benefited a great deal during my time at Newcastle University and I am grateful to have been given this opportunity.

The next step on Rev. Hugh's path is taking him back to his native country of the United States, where he will join the Eugene Buddhist Priory in Springfield, Oregon.

Moving forward on his journey we would like to wish Rev. Hugh all the best.

published on: 7th June 2019